National Federation of Tourism & Transport Cooperatives of India Ltd. is an apex organization of tourism and transport cooperatives of India. Since the day of its inception, the federation is committed to the growth and promotion of the transport and tourism in India through Cooperatives. Registered under Multi State Cooperative Act by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, NFTCIL is a recognized body by the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India for the development of transport services [through road safety measures], tourism and culture in India.

NFTC is a nodal body for co-operatives working under the transport, tourism and cultural sectors and to nurture and protect the working of the co-operatives in the transport, tourism and cultural sectors in India. NFTC provides financial assistance to help them survive economically in the competitive market. As an apex organization it is important to maintain its allies and co-operatives in such a manner that they grow and thrive in the competition outside the industry as well as inside. It helps them also to scale up, in order to sustain the market fluctuations. It helps them to plan their marketing strategies to achieve maximum returns on investment and assure an overall benefit to the society.
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