The Board of Directors

1 Shri Suresh Chand Sharma Chairman 9015892666
2 Shri Ram Iqbal Singh Director 9555753134
3 Shri OM Birla, M.P. Director 09783977701
4 Shri Ranjeet Singh Director 9350360010
5 Shri Ranjeet Sing Director 9650488222
6 Shri V V P Nair Director 09422059197
7 Shri Veer Pratap Singh Director 09415045760
8 Shri Rajeev Singh Director 8802881047
9 Shri Jolly Sonam Director 09436633592
10 Shri G. S. Mittal Director 8287790703
11 Shri Sanjeev R. Singh Director 09312777777
12 Shri Harbir Singh Director 9873089334
13 Mrs. Savitri Singh, I.C. A Director 9873089334
14 Shri B B Sharma Director 09419188731
15 Shri Paresh Patel Director 09428049432
16 Shri Sandeep Marwah MD 09899370800

The Organisation Chart

Members Profile

Suresh Sharma (Chairman)

Sh. Sandeep Marwah (Managing Director) Mr. Sandeep Marwah is among the most renowned Film, television and media personality in India. Mr. Marwah serves as the Managing Director of NFTC and founder of one the most successful film studio “Marwah Studios”. He is also the president of International film and television club, the chairperson of International film and the Honorary Cultural Ambassador of Wales in India. Mr. Marwah has explored almost every part of the country and has a stronghold on understanding the people of India from all the states. His experiences and expertise is a major contribution for NFTC’s knowledge base and operations.

Sh. Dhruva Trivedy (Additional Managing Director) has had his schooling in St. Columba’s High School, New Delhi and is a Honours Graduate in Sociology from the University of Delhi, with a Post Graduation in Human Resources from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and is primarily a behavioural expert with more than forty years of interface with the corporate world. He has had the opportunity of walking into general management functions almost three decades ago and has been spearheading a road safety project promoted by an Austrian group for three years overseeing its operations in South Asia. His expertise not only lies in implementation of road safety norms but is also a prolific diagnostics expert himself. Primarily a team player, he has also proven his credentials as a transformational leader, teacher and mentor.

Sh. Madan Gupta (Executive Director) Mr. Madan Gupta comes with a strong belief on tourism & travelling across the length and breadth across the country he has been an active contributor in this field since past 30 years. It is his great vision & research on various river project and wildlife which has been of great value to the organization. Very well aware of the fact that how much connectivity is vital to the development of the He has been involved in various projects like conference on ecotourism, campsite development, and deep study of Nanda Devi etc. Having served in some of the most eco-sensitive zones like Uttaranchal & Himachal closely & being a part of government, he has contributed a lot in conservation of nature.

Sh. K. Vaidyanathan (Executive Director) has had his education in Delhi and although has been associated with the corporate world addressing public relations, his core interest was in the preservation of culture and heritage. Having been tutored in Carnatic Music, he has also proven himself to be a melodious vocalist. Whether it’s music, or paintings or folklore or even traditional theatre and poetry, he has been at the forefront for promoting the reassertion of these heritages. He has also been associated with SPIC MACAY very intensely for promoting its cause. An apt personality with the required passion to promote and preserve cultural heritage of this country, he has also been a teacher and manager in various institutions disseminating such values to the current generation.

Mr. Gaurang Harit (Assistant Director) Mr. Gaurang Harit , Backed with a degree in Mechanical & Automation Engineering, he comes with a rich and diversified experience in project management including internationally acclaimed projects in automobile, airport development(T3,IGI), & Ultimate Explorers. With an aim to promote experiential travels, he founded Ultimate-Explorers (a travel portal and agency) in March, 2010 which has grown exponentially and positioned itself into one of first travel Management Company focusing on customized travel experiences. Being an avid traveler himself he has been on to several treks, biking expeditions, explorations which helps to innovate new travel experiences.